Teletype (CLI)

DETA not only focuses on giving you a great experience writing programs, it also offers you a couple convenient ways to interact with them.

Using Teletype

You can find Teletype (DETA's command line interface) in 2 different places:

1) Teletype (Studio)

In the studio, where you can edit programs, the Teletype lets you quickly navigate, edit, and run your programs. A list of Studio Teletype commands is here.

To run the program, use the command run followed by an action (optional) then followed by kwargs and flags (both optional).

run <action> -<flag_one> --<kwarg_one> <kwarg_val_one>

To run our programs in the Teletype (Studio), the program needs to be open (open myprog) and you need to have a 'full' access permission.

Command examples

Running the program:


This corresponds the with decorated function. (Notice the lack of action)

Running the program with an action:

run add

This corresponds the with"add") decorated function. (Notice the "add" action)

Running the program with arguments (but no action):

run --name "Jean-Luc Picard" --origin France -likes_earl_gray_tea

The data will be sent as JSON to your program. Flags (prefixed with -) will be set to true.

Running the program with an action and arguments:

run add --name "Jean-Luc Picard" --origin France -likes_earl_gray_tea

2) Teletype (Dash)

The Dashboard's Teletype let's you run program without needing to open it. Just use the name of the program instead of the run command.

<prog_name> <action> -<flag_one> --<kwarg_one> <kwarg_val_one>

The Teletype (Dash) lets you run programs where you have a 'run' or 'full' access permission.

Command examples

st_captains add --name "Jean-Luc Picard" --origin France -likes_earl_gray_tea