HTTP / Webhook

Every DETA program has its own HTTP endpoint, which is a great way to connect your program to the outside world. You can trigger it from another service (i.e. via webhooks) or use it as a simple API endpoint.


You can access a program's unique URL by clicking on the VIEW tab on the right within the Studio:

Finding the URL of a program

The URL looks something like this:


Please visit the Router docs


If you copy the URL of freshly created program and paste it into your your browser, instead of the expected response, you will get this message: {"errors":["Unauthorized"]}.

There are 2 ways to authorize HTTP access to your program outside of DETA:

  1. Public Access (where you could implement your own auth functionality if needed)
  2. API Keys

You can learn more about these 2 methods here.

Built-in HTTP client and Debugger

Watch this video for instruction on how to use the built-in HTTP client and real-time debugger.


We're working on OAuth based access. We will let you know when it's been released.