DETA Teletype Commands (Studio)


User defined variable inputs are indicated between < and > symbols, as such: <variable_name>.

Specific examples of valid commands are indicated by #.



List programs

List all programs:


Filter by group:

ls <group_name>

Create programs

Names can contain letters, digits, - and _. No spaces or other characters are allowed.

Create a Python program:

new <program_name>

Create a Node.js program:

new <program_name> -js

Optionally create a program in a group:

new <program_name> --group <group_name>

Rename programs

mv <program_name> <new_program_name>

Move a program to a different group

mv <group_name>/<program_name> <new_group_name>/<new_program_name>

Open programs

A program which does not belong to a group:

open <prog_name>

A program which belongs to a group:

open <group_name>/<program_name>


For program commands move and open, the <group_name>/<program_name> syntax can be shortcut to <command> <program_name> if the name is unique across the "Space".

Run programs

Refer to Run docs for more details.

Set environment variables (env vars)

Environment variable names must start with a letter and can contain letters, digits and _. No spaces or other characters are allowed.

set -envs --<env_var_name> <env_var_val> --<env_var_name2> <env_var_value2>


set -envs --MY_API_KEY "very secret"

Remove (unset) environment variables (env vars)

rm -envs <env_var_name> <env_var_name2> 

Create and edit files

the file will be created if it did not exist.

edit <file_name>

Directories are not currently supported.

Deploy (all changed files)


Deploy specific files

deploy <file_name_one> <file_name_two>

Delete files

rm <file_name_one> <file_name_two>

Rename files

mv -fl <old_path_name> <new_path_name>

Close programs



Read Cron docs.

Enable public HTTP access

HTTP is private by default.

set -http_auth off

Disable public HTTP access

HTTP is private by default.

set -http_auth on

The HTTP auth setting can be seen in the INFO tab of the Studio, or in the HTTP Auth section of a program's settings menu.

Enable "Debug Mode"

Watch this video for more details.

set -log debug

Disable "Debug Mode"

set -log off

Change DETA Library (deta.lib) Version

Usually you don't need to do that manually.

set -lib <lib_version>

Toggle VIM keybindings

Vim keybindings can be toggled using the following command.


Clear output

Clear Teletype logs


Clear Teletype output

clear -console