Packages (PIP)

Installing and uninstalling packages via pip is currently possible in DETA.

To run a pip command in DETA simply type pip <pip_command> into the DETA Studio Teletype after opening a DETA program.

A program's installed packages can be viewed in the "INFO" pane under deps at the bottom of the DETA console.

Installing Packages

Multiple packages can be installed by separating their names with a space.

You can also provide the exact version to be installed -- see the example below.


pip install requests jinja2==2.11.1

If you already have a package installed, you can replace it with a specific version by installing that version.


pip install requests==2.22.0

Uninstalling Packages

You don't need to specify a version for uninstallation; whatever version of a package is installed will be uninstalled.


pip uninstall requests jinja2

Cleaning a program

You can uninstall all packages from a program at once by using the clean command.

Example command

pip clean