Getting Started


DETA is still alpha – expect bugs and breaking changes.

DETA ˈdɛtə — pronounced like "meta".

DETA is a cloud computer that gets your programs up and running blazingly fast. It lets you focus on writing code and takes care of everything else.

No servers or databases to set-up or maintain and no lengthy docs – just you, your idea and Python. You can also bring your team along for the ride if you like.



This video is slightly dated. From DETA lib version 21 in Python the convention for the decorated functions is app.lib.x. For all earlier lib versions the convention is app.x. You can find a program's lib version by the deta.lib field in the INFO tab. The latest lib version is 24.

More Info

  1. Contact us, we're happy to personally guide you.
  2. A config-free Database (in Python and Node), File Store (in Python and Node) and Email Service (in Python and Node) are built in.
  3. Your programs are instantly usable: run via Teletype, call via HTTP or trigger via Cron Scheduler.
  4. Permissions are baked in to DETA from the beginning: check out User Permissions and Auth for more information.
  5. Technical specifications of the DETA runtime.

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